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Welcome to the Franklin Academy for Gifted People!

I wanted to give you an introduction to who we are and how this space is going to be used.

First off, I have been a public school teacher for 17 years. I’ve taught almost every grade in elementary school in 5 different schools. I have 3 added endorsements in Reading, Gifted Education, and Science.

I resigned my teaching position for a few reasons. The biggest one is my health and protecting the health of my children during the pandemic. With the scattered reactions to vaccinations and mask wearing, I just didn’t feel comfortable with my two big kids going into the public school setting, catching and/or passing the virus on to my 2 year old or myself. My oldest is vaccinated, but my 2 youngest are not. Throw in that I’d have to find a place for my 2 year old to go during the day, which would also expose her to it… it’s just not good.

My husband is currently working out of state, which could mean we’re moving soon. I didn’t want to start the girls, only to pull them out and relocate at some point during the year. It’s not fair to them.

The other reasons include things like saving money on day care costs, having better control over curriculum decisions, no bullying, and freedom for appointments, travel, field trips, flexible timing during the day, and spending more time with my family and I felt it was a better idea.

So, there’s all of that. I am privileged in that I can make those decisions this year, with my husband having medical insurance and not needing my insurance, anymore. It’s going to be tight and I would like to find a way to supplement his salary, since this decision cost us my $50k salary, but that’s a different blog, altogether.

This blog space will be populated by all of the gifted people at the Franklin Academy. All of the kids will be writing blog entries at least once a week and so will I. I’ll share lesson plans and links to resources, too. My goal is for this to be a fun way for the girls to share their experiences as we forge our way through the homeschool environment!

Thanks for joining us and feel free to drop comments and ask questions!


By Tiff Franklin

Teacher, Mother, Wife, Apprentice, Protege, Writer, Reader, Crafter, Photographer, Digital Design Maven... I do it all, people!

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