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Cartography and World Building

Hello and welcome to the first weekly update of the Franklin Academy blog! This week, we’ve been talking about cartography, the art of creating maps, and using a map we create as a world building techinique.

This week, we’ve been hanging out at my husband’s RV in North Carolina, so we’ve explored the campground using the map from the campground and added our own landmarks to it. Most of the major landmarks are marked, naturally, but we marked things that tied memories to spaces, too. Things like, “that’s where I fell off my bike,” and “that’s where the fish usually are in the lake.” We explored the new walking trail that’s not on the map, as well. It’s not complete, but doing the part of the trail that’s finished backwards gave us the opportunity to catch things we missed the first time.

Once we’d finished mapping the place, we made another trip around, using this one as a bit of a scavenger hunt. We picked up interesting things that had fallen (large acorns and leaves, strange shaped leaves, items that had been left by other explorers, interesting rocks, etc.) and brought them back to the RV to be itemized.

We then drew our own fictional map and used the items we picked up on our trip to build a world that we can write in. Strange shaped leaves became hands, acorns became bullets from trees, rocks became jewels.

Our goals today are to type up our stories and publish them here, AND to use the things we collected to make a nature art piece!


By Tiff Franklin

Teacher, Mother, Wife, Apprentice, Protege, Writer, Reader, Crafter, Photographer, Digital Design Maven... I do it all, people!

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