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Week 2: Magnetism

Week 2, we began our unit on Electricity and Magnetism this week. We started with a topic we’d already started during our cartography unit: magnets. We discussed them while discussing a compass and how it finds direction. We further explored this scientific concept with a KWQL chart (what we already Know, what we Want to know, Quesstions we still have, what we’ve Learned), then googled our questions.

We found that not all metals are magnetic, though we’d noticed that most things that are magnetic are also metal. We grabbed a big magnet and went on a walk around the neighborhood testing materials to see whether they’re magnetic or not. We collected the data in our Science notebooks.

When we returned home, we used google to figure out what these things were made of. We found that most signs are made of aluminum, which is not magnetic, where as the rebar holding up the railroad ties in the garden across the street are made of steel and are magnetic.

We did another trip around the neighborhood, testing different magnets to see the difference between the strengths. We have a ceramic magnet and a rare earth magnet. WOAH, was that rare earth magnet strong!

Check out their blog entries about their findings by clicking on Alex and Morgan in the menu at the top of the page!

Next, we move on to electricity!


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