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Halloween origins to a Celtic festival of samhain. The Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago.Mostly in the area that is now Irland,the united kindom and northern france. Celebrated their new year on november 1st. The orginal jack ‘o’ lanturns were made out of turnups and beets. Halloween came from Irland. and turnup jack o lanturns look like monsters like maybe a mummy, right? Well your wrong these are acctully turnups or beets.

Here’s what turnup jack o lanturn looked like

trick or treat came from samhain during a festival witch the Celts celebrated the transition of harvest period(summer) to the cold deary winter that brought snow and killed their crops. The practice can be traced to the ancient,early Roman and 17th-centry british people.They do it to keep evil fairys to think you are one of them.families can prevent tricks being played on them by giving candy to the nehiborhood children.

here’s what a mural looks like

mexico also celibrated dia delos marotos when the spirits of family members that have passes away get to visit their alive loved ones.

dia de los muertos

It means day of the dead when all dead family members can visit the ones who still live on earth. People put up make murals. A mural is a table with sweets and pictures of the loved ones that have passed. they have sugar skulls, tamales and more. Some people dress up as skelitons with pritty colors.

here’s what these people look like


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