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Cocoa tree’s

Cocoa trees grow in 4 places the Ivory coast,Indonesia,Nigeria,and Cameroon.what did we do first: We tried Milk choc it was sweet and perfect.then we tasted White choc it tasted kinda good kinda bad.Then we tried 45% dark choc it was very bitter.Then we tasted 60% dark choc it was even more bitter.then we tried 70% dark choc it was even worse.then we tried 78% dark choc it was horrid.then we tried 85% dark choc it was even worse then the last one. then we tried 90% it was even more bitter.Then we finnaly tasted 95% it was the worst taste I’ve ever experenced.Why we did it: to get a choc badge from curisity untamed.

My opinion was changed to oh heck yeah free chochlate to no more because of the dark choc it was bitter as flip. On my opinion it was kinda fun at first but then it was torture. The %’s changed to good to bad really flippn fast. I mean it was the worst choc I’ve ever had.I will never have anuther dark choc ever again.

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By Twisted dragon

I love to make videos

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