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Garden and fall Badge!

I am going to plant limas basesl carrets

For the limas they need to be1 foot apart acorrding to google needs to be 40 limma seeds for 4 people .

For the carrets they need to be 3inches apart and there needs to be 48 seeds for 3 people.

For the Basil according to google 48 seeds for 5 people.

My lima bean bed needs to be 8ft by 4ft.

My carrot bed needs to be 6ft by 4ft.

My Basil bed needs to be 2ft by 3ft.

In order to Build this bed i need 4 8ft bores and 2 12ft bores. Acording to home depot the 8ft once cost 4.85 and the 12ft once cost 10.28 so my total is 36 .96.


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