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Garden and fall Badge!

For the limas they need to be1 foot apart acorrding to google needs to be 40 limma seeds for 4 people . For the carrets they need to be 3inches apart and there needs to be 48 seeds for 3 people. For the Basil according to google 48 seeds for 5 people. My lima bean… Continue reading Garden and fall Badge!


Pumpkin palooza

This is my big pumpkin!! Doing this was so tiring we had to with our hands get all the seeds and guts out. Next we had to wash and dry the seeds that was fun but also kinda boring! But mommy always makes it fun! Caring for these seeds are super easy all you need… Continue reading Pumpkin palooza

chocolate experiment

we went all the way 2 95 TO MUCH COCO it tasted like coffee! we got this idea from curiosity untamed! we tasted a lot of chocolate. everyone is like bussen i am not lol . we did this for the chocolate badge we did a lot .We also got all these choclets from walgreen… Continue reading chocolate experiment