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About Us

Nature Walk

About us

We’re a homeschool focused on creating a learning environment EVERYWHERE!

The Fearless Leader: Tiff, the Mom

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The Gifted People:


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And Trip!

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  • Ginger bread houses
    Ginger bread research:Favorite houses: Rv,The barn,and modern.House theme:Modern,or country. Color schemes:All the colors in the rainbow.Great Idea’s:Modern,country,and Rv. More idea’s:A dragon’s cave.
  • Garden and fall Badge!
    For the limas they need to be1 foot apart acorrding to google needs to be 40 limma seeds for 4 people . For the carrets they need to be 3inches apart and there needs to be 48 seeds for 3 people. For the Basil according to google 48 seeds for… Continue reading Garden and fall Badge!
  • garden boxes
    This project is about planting food for crops.We are planting stuff for food.Our goal is to have food we raised ourselves.I chose cucumbers,carrots,and green beans. According to google each people in a family will need 36 plants per person for carrots. The carrots need to be 1 inch apart. According… Continue reading garden boxes
  • Choc badge
    We tried hot choc from scratch i would describe it as very sweet and i loved it. the brand made hot choc was a little better.
  • Pumpkin palooza
    This is my big pumpkin!! Doing this was so tiring we had to with our hands get all the seeds and guts out. Next we had to wash and dry the seeds that was fun but also kinda boring! But mommy always makes it fun! Caring for these seeds are… Continue reading Pumpkin palooza
  • Pumkin pulusa
    On pumpkin pulusa we carved pumpkins and and made them into pots. like this one(Below) The size of the seeds depends on the size of the pumpkin. my foxy costume had a red shirt, a foxy mask (btw the bottom jaw moves),a hook,and a glove. trick or treat: we went… Continue reading Pumkin pulusa
  • chocolate experiment
    we went all the way 2 95 TO MUCH COCO it tasted like coffee! we got this idea from curiosity untamed! we tasted a lot of chocolate. everyone is like bussen i am not lol . we did this for the chocolate badge we did a lot .We also got… Continue reading chocolate experiment
  • Cocoa tree’s
    Cocoa trees grow in 4 places the Ivory coast,Indonesia,Nigeria,and Cameroon.what did we do first: We tried Milk choc it was sweet and perfect.then we tasted White choc it tasted kinda good kinda bad.Then we tried 45% dark choc it was very bitter.Then we tasted 60% dark choc it was even… Continue reading Cocoa tree’s
  • Magnetism- some more
    This week, we did a bit more with electricity. I used a few fun games I found online a long time ago that are really handy for any school situation. They’re interactive demonstrations that show how magnetic charges can transfer from one object to another. You can find them here… Continue reading Magnetism- some more
  • Halloween
    This is the first of two posts about what we’ve done this week. I decided to let the girls have some control over what we’re studying. I let them build a list of interests and we picked one from the list. Morgan and Cara were all about Halloween, so that’s… Continue reading Halloween

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